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pastel portrait of cats I gave my friend a cat portrait as a birthday gift. My friend said, "It makes me happier than anything else." I'm really happy that my friend likes the portrait. K.S.
pastel portrait of spitz Last time we have ordered two portraits of our dog. We like gentle and soft impression of pastel paintings. This time we have ordered a portrait of when my dog was a puppy. We gained one more treasure. As
pastel portrait of chihuahua A portrait of my dog has a warmth and gentleness. I'm delighted that it is more than expected. I feel that the personality of the artist is reflected in the portrait. H.O.
pastel portrait of a cat Thank you for my cat portrait. My cat's gentle face of the painting makes me feel a lot better. I particularly like fluffy coat of my cat. It really is so cute. E.A.
pastel portrait of westie I am thankful that you responded to my requests and draw a cute and nice painting of my dog. The background color of the portrait is a color just wanted and it matches the wall of the room. I can't keep my eyes off the painting. S.S.
pastel portrait of a cat Friendly and gentle personality and a fluffy coat of my cat are expressed in a portrait. My mother raves about it. I like the picture frame too. E.K.


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